DIY STEM Kit For Class Lab Chemistry Experiment Kit


Hands-on science is the most rewarding and relevant way to engage kids with the STEAM fields. Landzo's cool Science Bear STEM kits help to develop critical thinking skills, inspire imagination, and encourage exploration through interactive experiments and activities that help make learning fun. Intended for home settings, kits have all the necessary supplies, tools, and instructions in one box.

Science Enlightenment - Science Bear STEM Box Toy

A Box of 138 Science Chemistry Experiments

Here's how you can make your kid love science.

stem kit

138 Colorful and exciting science experiments for kids

The DIY STEM kits allow the young scientist to explore and learn the basics of science from chemical reactions to the use of science tools.

The following are some of the science experiments.

diy stem kit

Exquisite illustrated picture book

It's easier than ever to draw kids in with the illustrations with the interesting stories and detailed instructions step by step.

diy stem kit

Free online teaching video

Online course with video demos of activities is the most simple way to teach your kids' so many lessons, concrete and abstract.

stem kit for class lab 

Safe and non-toxic materials

Completely safe and designed for home use.

stem kit

Cultivate kid's creativity and imagination

The science experiments kit is the perfect way to let the kids start to understand how different lab equipment works as well how different substances can react with each other.

diy stem kit

Packing list

Materials bags *13, Experiment instruction *1, Picture book *1, Goggles *1, Disposable plastic cups *6, 200ML Measuring Cup *1, 100ML Measuring Cups *3, Tray *1

stem kit for class lab