Magnetic Logic Training Inspire Creativity And Brain Development Puzzle Toy


The magnetic puzzles, enabling children to create their own masterpiece, help kids to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, teach them important cognitive skills, such as sorting, numbers, color recognition, shape recognition and language skills. Give kids a wonderful way to have fun while developing and learning.

Magnetic Puzzles

Concentration & Logic thinking & Combination ability & Hand-eye coordination

logic training puzzle toys

Safe and tasteless material

Thicken paper for durability

inspire creativity and brain development

Strong adsorption

Available to stick on the refrigerator and other magnetic places, giving kids a creative space.

magnetic puzzles

Integrated box design

It's a display board also a storage box, easy to carry and storage.

logic training puzzle toys

Ability development

Transport - Teaching kids recognize all kinds of vehicles and learning the traffic rules.

Life cycle - Helping kids understand the evolution of animal's lives so that they can better understand nature with pleasure.

Girl - Making kids to be the stylists. They can create by themselves, learn how to choose the clothes and enjoy the fun of dress-up.

Make faces - Encouraging kids to imagine funny stories around the faces they create or mix match for even more fun.

inspire creativity and brain development

Packing list

Transport: Magnetic puzzles * 53, Reference cards * 16

Life cycle: Magnetic puzzles * 88, Reference cards * 8 

Girl: Magnetic puzzles * 50, Reference cards * 15

Make faces: Magnetic puzzles * 77, Reference cards * 12