Building Block Snow Flakes And Brain Flakes Puzzle Toys For Kids


Kids love think outside the box, using creativity and imagination to solve problems. The brain flakes puzzle, training kids fingers of flexibility exercise, give them the power to build, learn, and explore new ideas and concepts in a variety of new ways. It can help to develop kid’s potential, develop their logical thinking ability, cultivate their creativity and imagination.

Creative Brain Flakes

lnspire creativity and brain development

Designed for kids ages 3+

puzzle toys for kids

PE material

Non-toxic and tasteless, completely safe for kids to use.

snow flakes puzzle

Interlocking tightly

Clicking together and apart easily, enable to build all kinds of shape.

brain flakes puzzle

Craftsmanship quality

This brain-building puzzle toys has soft and smooth corners, which can protect kid’s hands. And it's not easy to break with the strong and good toughness quality.

puzzle toys for kids

4.2cm large diameter

Large size design, no risk of swallowing.

snow flakes puzzle

Open ended designs

Enable endless creative possibilities, kids can build structures, animals, numbers and other graphics, inspiring creativity and brain development.

Packing list

Brain flakes (pcs) *216/508, Idea booklet *2, Sticker *1