Brain-building Soft Blocks Puzzle Toys For Toddlers


Build, stack and spark imagination with the colorful soft blocks. Playing blocks can stimulate kid’s brain and hand to eye coordination, inspire creativity, encourage fine motor skills and social & emotional development. The possibilities are endless. Get your little builder’s imagination going with this soft blocks.


Soft Materials for Better Durability

Build a life full of joy with a soft heart

puzzle toys for toddlers

Colorful Visual Aesthetics

Bright colors, easy to attract the attention of kids,help them to recognize the colors.

brain-building puzzle toys

TPR Material

Round and smooth for easier to grab.

soft blocks

Assemble and Take Apart Easily

Enable kids to build anything they can imagine.

puzzle toys for toddlers

High Temperature Disinfection

Easy to clean, can be disinfected under 100℃.

brain-building puzzle toys

Open Ended Designs

Enable endless creative possibilities, kids can build cute animals cars, numbers and other graphics.

Special size

No risk of swallowing! Large blocks allow kids to safely enjoy the fun.

brain-building puzzle toys

Packing list

Soft blocks(pcs) *56/126, Booklet *1, Sticker *1