Quincy 1S Remote Control Interactive Drawing Robot Toy With LED Emoji


Quincy, the Robot Artist, is designed for kids to learn Drawing, Spelling, Counting & Coloring in a funny way. It's an interactive activity toy that improves your kid's artistic and creative intelligence. Quincy is like a “home teacher” and a smart family member to help kids to become familiar with and deepen their knowledge of drawing through storytelling, in which can improve kid's concentration and thinking.

Quincy 1S - The Robot Artist

The Updated Version Drawing Robot for Kids Ages 3-8

Quincy 1S is an educational drawing robot toy. It helps the kids to learn drawing, alphabet, spelling, counting, math, subject recognition and more.

remote control robot


  1. Emotion Interaction  

  2. Drawing  

  3. ABC Spelling 

  4. Counting  

  5. Smart Voice  

  6. Remote Mode 

  7. Breathing Light

  8. 0.5s Reaction


Multiple modes

1. Drawing mode: Let kids learn to draw step by step with Quincy 1S. 

Scan a drawing card, the drawing robot toy will show, talk and explain step by step how to finish each picture. 

interactive robot toy

2. Counting mode: Playing counting and math puzzles with Quincy 1S

Quincy 1S is good at math counting. Scan a math challenge card, the drawing robot will draw and tell a story, then it will ask math questions. Figure out the correct answer and scan the number card.

remote control robot

3. Spelling mode: Having fun with Quincy 1S in the ABC world

Quincy 1S can do the spelling teaching. Scan the letter cards with the right alphabets one by one.

education robot

4. Remoting mode: Let kids use their imagination to draw freely with the 2.4G remote control. 

More convenient to control Quincy 1S while drawing with the remote controller. 

interactive robot toy

5. LED Emoji

Kids can feel Quincy's emotion from the LED display. The drawing robot would show different Emoji in differnet situations.

Listening: Waiting for card scanning and the next instruction 

remote control robot

Confused: Report an error - unable to receive and identify information

education robot

Happy: Execute drawing instructions

interactive robot toy

Thinking: Updating firmware

remote control robot

Sick: Low battery

education robot

Doubt: Fail to identify the card

interactive robot toy

6. Various color selection of Quincy

Blue, Pink, Gray

remote control robot


Dimension: 105*105*150mm

Weight: About 461 gram

Working time: About 2 hours

Battery: 2600mAh lithium battery

Material: ABS

Remote controller: 2.4G

Certificates: 3C, CE, FCC, RoHS, CPC, EN71

Packing list

Quincy 1S *1, Pen *2, Remote controller *1, Drawing cards *60, Letter/Number cards *60+, Teaching cards *40, Activity books *4, User guide *1, TF card(4GB) *1, USB cable *1