Building Block Remote Control Car With USB Chargeable


This building kits, powered by the advanced motors for a more immersive play experience and hours of racing fun, is an engineering toy that can help kids to develop their senses and learning skills to promote hand-eye coordination, master fine motor skills and improve problem-solving ability. Kids can have fun for building the cars, discovering all the elements that make this car work.

Build a fully motorized RC car

Powered by two advanced motors for a more immersive play experience.

Flexible remote control

Remote control allows kids to get much racing fun time, moving forward or backward and turning left or right.

Built-in lithium rechargeable battery

There is a charging USB port on the battery box for easy charging.

Superior material quality

All pieces are made of premium quality harmless and safe material.

Sturdy and durable

This toy can be assembled repeatedly, ensuring many hours of playing and enjoying.

Enjoy a cool building challenge

Abundant parts give kids hours of building fun.


Motor: 7.5V + 4V

Battery: 500mAh lithium rechargeable battery

Charging: USB charging

Package size: 44*30*8cm

Packing list

Blocks(pcs) *428/524/656, User manual *1