Quincy Education Talking Drawing Robot Toy for Kids


Quincy drawing robot toy creates an interactive way of storytelling and drawing. It is a "drawing tutor" for kids ages 3-8.
Quincy teaches drawing for kids directly from the abundant drawing cards step by step. What's more, it tells interesting stories, which helps kids to learn basic knowledge of the drawing object.

The Robot Artist

Quincy creates an interactive way of storytelling + drawing.

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Drawing Enlightenment

Quincy is a drawing tutor that divides complex drawings into simple shapes.

Two drawing modes

  • Scan a QR code to start drawing.

  • Random drawing without scanning any QR code.

    Quincy automatically selects one card and starts drawing.

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Most Abundant Drawing Cards Ever

The cards cover all stages of kids drawing development.

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Knowledge Learning

Quincy drawing robot tells interesting stories, helping kids to learn the drawing object.

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Constant Companion

The robot toy is parents' best helper to educate & accompany kids.

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Emotional Interaction

Quincy education robot listens to kids and interacts with them.

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Hand-eye Coordination

Kids watch how Quincy draws and then follow.

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Screen-free Education

With the company of robot artists, kids can spend less time on mobile phone or TV.

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Product Specification

Product Size105*105*153mm
Item Weight516g
Power5V 2A
Battery Capacity2600 mAh
Charging Time2 - 2.5 hours
Working TimeAppr. 4.5 hours

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Packing list

Quincy Robot Artist *1


Mechanical arm*1

USB cable *1

Drawing cards *150

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