NEW Tilt sensor module Robot parts assembly for arduino raspberry pi kit


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Product introduction

Adopt high-sensitivity angle switch SW-520D as sensor, mainly used for dumping trigger alarm, dumping power-off sensor, tilt sensor

The tilt switch sensor mainly uses the ball to change with different tilt angles in the switch to achieve the purpose of the trigger circuit. The high-sensitivity angle switch SW-520D is used as a sensor to detect the tilt change of the object, tilt to a certain angle, and the sensor signal changes, dumping trigger alarm, dumping power-off sensor, tilt sensor


  • The switch output of the module depends on the on and off of the angle switch. When the angle switch is open, the DO output is high, and when the angle switch is turned on, the DO output is low;
  • The output terminal can be directly connected to the single-chip microcomputer, and the high-low level is detected by the single-chip microcomputer, thereby detecting the angle change.
  • The output terminal can directly drive the breaker module, which can form a high-power angle switch to protect the automatic power-off function when the products such as electrical equipment are dumped.


Comparator         LM393

Connector          3P interface, 2.54mm pitch (ie 100mil)

Board size          35*25mm

Working voltage    3.3v~5v

Signal output       digital signal 0 or 1

Fixing hole          M2 fixing hole


Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), bicycle lights, digital photo frame rotation, screen rotation, video lens flip, anti-theft system, dumping alarm, dumping power sensor, tilt sensor

Instructions for use

  • The module is connected to 3.3V-5V voltage, the power indicator lights up and the module works normally;
  • The module is tilted, the signal indicator lights up, and the untilted signal light is off;
  • The DO port is connected to the MCU normally, and the high and low levels can be detected to determine whether the module is tilted;
  • The module output signal can directly drive the relay, and the combination of the relay can form a high power tilt switch.




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