NEW Nova PM Sensor SDS011 High Precision PM2.5 Air Quality Detection Sensor Module Super Dust Sensors Digital Output


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Product introduction:

The SDS011 using principle of laser scattering,can get the particle concentration between 0.3 to 10um in the air. It with digital output and built-in fan is stable and reliable.


Accurate and Reliable: laser detection, stable, good consistency;

Quick response: response time is less than 10 seconds when the scene changes;

Easy integration: UART output (or IO output can be customized), fan built-in;

High resolution: resolution of 0.3ug/m3.

Applications :

PM2.5 Detector


Air Exchangers

Filtering system


Measuring output: PM2.5,PM10

Range: 0.0-999.9 ug/m3

Power supply voltage: 5V

Maximum working current: 100mA

Sleep current: 2 mA

Operating temperature range: -20-50℃

Response time: 1s

Serial data output frequency 1 time/s

Particle diameter resolution: Less than 0.3um

Relative error: 10%

Interface specification:

CTL: Control pin, reserved

1um: >0.3 Micron particle concentration, PWM Output

5V: 5 Volt power input

25um: >2.5 Micron particle concentration, PWM Output


R: Serial port receiver RX

T: Serial port transmission TX


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