NEW Raspberry Pi HDMI LCD Display Screen (7-inch)


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Product introduction:

7-inch HDMI display for the Raspberry Pi, 1024*600 HD resolution with a capacitive touch screen.But not limited to use for the Raspberry Pi.It can be see a universal HDMI display, can be used to other mini PC (requires driver support), even as a computer monitor.


  • 1024*600 HD resolution
  • USB interface capacitive touch screen, more convenient
  • Support backlight control, more power saving
  • Support Raspberry Pi, provide drivers for Raspbian system (can be used directly under your Raspbian system) , provide Ubuntu images
  • Support Banana Pi,Banana Pro, provide Lubuntu, Raspbian corresponding image
  • Support BB Black, provide Angstrom corresponding images
  • Universal HDMI display, can use as a computer monitor (touch function not available)
  • HDMI interface used for display,USB interface used for touch

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