NEW Original SanDisk Ultra Storage Card (16GB)


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Product introduction:

This is a blank (empty) 32 GB microSD card


  • The transmission speed is up to 98MB/S
  • Your file can be moved quickly and 1200 photos can be transmitted in one minute
  • Easily capture full hd video
  • MicroSD memory card can record Classio level full hd period ,convenient for you to capture the nicety of life
  • Quick photo and file transfer 98MB/S
  • Allows you to easily browse,access and back up the phone's memory files,effectively freeing up the device's storage space


  • Product storage:16GB
  • Performance speed: Read 98MB/s, write speed is slightly lower
  • Size:15*11*1.0mm
  • Adapter size:24*32*2.1mm

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