NEW Altar Programmable Smart Robot Kit DIY Starter Kit Altar 1S


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Product introduction:

Altar robot has the ability to move, avoid obstacles, follow the track and so on. The robot also has environmental awareness and can be displayed via a digital tube or a matrix light. Altar can be programmed using Landzo Graphic programming software to control the movement and all sensors.


  • All electronic modules are integrated on the motherboard, no assembling needed.
  • Graphical programming based on Scratch 3.0
  • Mainboard is customized


  • Main board: Atmega32u4 + GD32F103
  • input: infrared tracking, infrared obstacle avoidance, battery power detection, button, light sensor
  • output: buzzer, TT motor, servo motor , ultrasonic sensor, digital tube, 8 * 8 dot matrix, RGB lights, Bluetooth
  • offline mode: Bluetooth 2.4Ghz wireless communication
  • power supply: two 3.7V rechargeable battery

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