NEW USB to Micro USB Cable With ON/OFF Switch - 1.5M


  • Brand:Landzo
  • Product Code:MS.04.0041
  • Availability:1
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Product introduction:

This USB to Micro USB Cable with switch is 1.5m long and is the perfect hard on/off power switch for your Raspberry Pi. This cable can be using in conjunction with a USB mains charger such as an Ultra HQ USB Power Supply and it's made with 22AWG wire, so it's thick enough to allow > 2A current!

This cable will also work with anything that has a Micro USB port. This cable does not transfer data - so it's mostly just good for powering and charging devices - but adding an on/off switch to your power supply is a nice addition and one that we absolutely love clicking.


  • Tested for Compatibility with the Raspberry Pi
  • On/Off switch
  • 1.5m Long
  • Colour: white
  • Connector Type A: USB
  • Connector Type B: Micro USB

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