NEW Dubhe Micro:bit Artificial Intelligence Learning Kit (Advanced edition)


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Product introduction:

Dubhe is a stackable AI programming learning kit which is based on Micro:bit, integrating sensor, DIY learning, game entertainment, motor driving and Python programming. This product is composed by four boards which can be stacked by magnet, Micro bit main board and 19 electronic modules.

Micro:bit is a Micro computer board designed by BBC for teenagers' programming education and developed by Microsoft, samsung, ARM, Lancaster university and other partners.

Dubhe is designed as extension kit for micro bit. There are 4 boards in total which is an adapter, a motor driver board, a sensor board and a control board from top to bottom.


Magnetic connection, free combination;

Compatible with lego;

Python programming supported;

Makecode programming supported;

Can support up to 6 sensors simultaneously;

Can support up to 4 sensors, 3 motors, 2 rockers simultaneously;

Joystock function is supported;

with buzzer in board, music frequency can be freely edited

 All Micro:bit pins are all extended by PH2.54     


1. Extension parameters:

14x IO ports

1x I2C port

3x DC motor ports

4x servo motor driving ports

2. Others:

8x game buttons

2x remoter

Buzzer, ultrasonic sensor, digital tube, line following sensor, RGB lights, hall magnetic, temperature and humidity sensor

Horizontal slot: the motherboard can be inserted into the adpater to save space.

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