Product information:Material: Circuit boardIncludes basic components and sensors Package Includ..

NEW 12-in-one sensor module  for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Product introduction:12-in-one sensor module ,suit for Arduino,Raspberry PiPackage include:1. Collis..

NEW BC417 Bluetooth Module to Serial Arduino

Product introduction:This module is mainly used in the field of data wireless transmission of end cl..

NEW ESP-12E: ESP8266 Serial Port WIFI Wireless Transceiver Module For Arduino

Product introduction:This is ESP-12E: ESP8266 Serial Port WIFI Wireless Transceiver Module For Ardui..

New flame sensor fire detection module for Arduino Raspberry pi

Product introduction:Power your developement in the fastest way combinating with NodeMcu Firmware; I..

NEW Nova PM Sensor SDS011 High Precision PM2.5 Air Quality Detection Sensor Module Super Dust Sensors Digital Output

Product introduction:The SDS011 using principle of laser scattering,can get the particle concentrati..

NEW Temperature and humidity module for Arduino Rapeberry pi

Product introduction:In our daily life, temperature and humidity on our lives has a great impact, es..

NEW Tilt sensor module Robot parts assembly for arduino raspberry pi kit

Product introductionAdopt high-sensitivity angle switch SW-520D as sensor, mainly used for dumping t..

NEW TP4056 Lithium Battery Charging Module

Product introduction:TP4056 Lithium Battery Charging ModuleSpecification:Charge module- Linear charg..

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