Development Process


Introduction of the team leaders


Wangjiang-General Manager and Executive Director of Landzo Technology Co., Ltd, former Chery New Energy Assistant to General Manager,


Liandefu - Venture Partner of Landzo Technology Co., Ltd, former Southwest Regional Manager.


Development  process of the company


In 2011,Landzon was founded,


In 2012 ,we won an honor of the National Designated Supplier of Smart Vehicles,


In 2013,we participated in NXP University Cooperation Plans in China,


In 2014,we won the following honors, such as: National High-tech Cultivation Enterprise,

       we were in the sequence of official competition in the Youth E-information Technology Competition,

       we were member of Robot Competition Organizing Committee,

       we were partner of Optoelectronic Design Competition,


In 2015, we participated in Youth E- information Intelligent Control Competition,

        we became the Strategic Partner of CECport,

        we became Science and Technology Innovation Edition Company in Anhui Province, and listed on the stock market,

In 2016, we became partner and strategic partner of Arduino Sri,

        we showed extraordinary talents on American Maker Faire Day,

        we held the First Intelligent Vehicle Competition of Shangdong Youth successfully

we became the R& D unit of Central Educational Center NOC official competition equipment


In 2017, we became General Agent and Official Strategic Partner of Raspberry Pie Rs and Element in China,

         We became strategic partner of Firefly Workshop of CECport


In 2018, we obtained ten million level financing, led by TenplusVC.